recreating my own childhood memories

the first two weeks didn’t have many hours of sun, but there were still things we could do! having children is very often throwing you back in time and you remember smells and feelings that you had when you were a child yourself. It is actually not that long ago…IMG_7974we caught 30min of sun before it started to rain. playing naked at the beach, all alone! IMG_8018another 30min of sun playing in my parents gardenIMG_8033evening fun down at “our beach” were i taught filippa to catch crabsIMG_8038IMG_8042IMG_8073feeding the ducks in pålsjöIMG_8078helping the water by taking away sticks and leaves in the little stream, LOVED THIS as a childIMG_8091and fikafikafika, lots of hot chocolate and yummi buns and cakes when we are in swedenIMG_8098and then pappa finally came to sweden and we did it all over again… 


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