tough start

pjuh, 3 days of bad stomach has knocked me out completely. i sleep 10 hours a night and still have to sleep in the afternoon. Demian is in Interlaken on a training camp so i am very grateful opa, friends and marzipan has helped me with filippa.

since a couple of weeks we have noticed that filippa has gotten in to another phase. for about 7 months she has been pure pleasure, mostly happy and willing to cooperate. we have been able to reason with her and say no. Now she takes everything a step further and even if we explain why she cant do something she goes on with “BUT I WANT TO”! she is definitely testing the limits. it’s also more tears and angry faces when she doesnt get what she wants, just like it was a year ago. i try to stay calm and talk to her but not so easy always.


here she was the sweetest and happiest kid and joined demian and me in our morning training in sweden!



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