The tests

Demians tests are done and my dear hubbie turns out to be quite fit…or at least he is very pain resistant and has a stubborn brain.

I was very surprised how well he did and have been thinking of HOW he could perform like that since i know that he is not training  that much..

I think that if you have been elite sportsman/woman (demian was ski racing professional until 2007) you have a muscle memory that can perform really well on a test, since you somehow remember what it was like and what it felt like when you pressed your body to max many times a week! Training on that level is often pure pain and something your body gets used to, or at least learns to deal with! Demian has definitely not been lying on the sofa since he quit, but has also not really had any routine with training. He has of course been training lots with his kids team, but thats not the same as training with a goal for yourself!

He pressed his maximal heart rate up to 207bpm, lactate 15.1mmol as highest! He was really low in lactate until second highest level and then it went straight up..that is a sign of high fitness level, his body doesnt produce much lactate until really high heart rate levels and is then also very good at removing the lactate from the blood (oxidation or conversion).

Skärmavbild 2016-08-06 kl. 21.17.22

With the heart rate curve there is definitely things we can work on. He never really got in to steady state, and he didnt recover so well between the intervals! Skärmavbild 2016-08-06 kl. 21.04.30


In the strength test he also did very well, but there are great chances of improvement!

Unfortunately no pictures from the tests, we have had phone problems and all pics disappeared during synchronizing=(

If you would like to do this test and find out more about your fitness level i give you my Xmas offer whole of August! See below:


Skärmavbild 2014-12-06 kl. 13.25.57




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