Handcraft for quiet days..and some pregnancy anger

Had so much pain down my legs and a hard and heavy stomach yesterday that today had to be a day at home. Filippa and i watched clips on  youtube and found how to do yummi paper ice cream and funny cakes! So delicious!!! Unfortunately i anyway got pain down my legs, but the stomach is better at least..

So difficult to know what is to much for my constant changing body. It changes every day! Some things i now know i cant do, like walk downhill, lie on my back, exercises with rotation…other things are fine one day, and the next not…


And can not at all deal with sayings like: that its so worth it when you hold the baby in your arms, or that it is ONLY 9 months! NO, its not, it is almost 10months of pregnancy, and then it is several months until you stop breastfeeding ((if you choose to do that)), until the linea alba grew back ((if it ever does)), until you are healed in your vagina (if ever), until the joints and ligaments are stable, until your emotions and hormones are again in balance and and and…it is 1-2 years of giving your body up for someone else…

And i am not going to start on the many injuries women suffer from their whole life because of giving birth…

Kids are fantastic and some women enjoy pregnancy, and i am of course greatful that i can have children biologically, still, i find it SO UNFAIR that it is ME that has to go through this again when i already hated it with filippa! It is Demians bloody turn to do this if we now absolutely have to have another child! Now i am again in all this pain and invalidity (if youcompare  to my normal state), because we 2016 havent gotten any further, and men still cant carry babies…(i know this sound like nonsense , but it is how i feel).

All women should get awarded and life long massage once a week for the pain they go through physically  and mentally during pregnancy and givimg birth! 

There is nothing “normal” or “just accept it” about what many women have to go through during pregnancy and giving! If a man would feel and have the symptoms of what many women feel they would long ago be home on sick leave and there would be 1000 of different medications and help to decrease pain and suffer…because if men were pregnant there would be lots of science and money invested and no one would just accept, like they do with women!!!



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