One of the hottest days this summer so we decided to drive down to visp and cool down in the pools they have there. Before we left I had physio and then doctors appointment to check “billie”.

I have felt much stronger the last week and have less pain. Now it is the mornings that are worst, then I can hardly walk. But after about half an hour it disappears and I can do almost anything…hehe..if you compare to the last few weeks. I don’t get as tired in the afternoons evenings and everything feels more stable. Pjuh! I hope it continues like this.

everything is perfect with billie and he/she is growing just as planned. Demian still doesnt want to know the sex and I am almost beginning to feel the same. However, we both try to see signs of boy/girl when we are at the doctor and it is so frustrationg and fun at the same time. Just as last time, I was once sure it was a girl, and then the next second i thought i saw a little penis…so still have no idea.

I still dont have the linea nigra, which I had with filippa and my theory is therefor that this baby will be a bit more blond and look like me. Filippa is still very much Franzen with darker hair and demians skintone etc.

Down in visp we met up with ali and kat, so much fun for filippa! we had fantastic hours before we had to head back to work for me!

so long


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