in the middle of europe

I live in the middle of europe, close to everything! I feel i have to get better at using that so now i am trying to convince demi to go here for 2 nights!

To santa margerithe in italy!!! It is very close to portofino and the whole coast looks amazing!

Demi says he doesn’t need holidays yet, me neither! But i still long for salt water and swimming! And i dont see any other weekend possible before it gets to cold! And maybe you don’t have to wait until you REALLY NEED A HOLIDAY! Maybe it works like super compensation in training! You have one holiday (3 weeks sweden) and recover really well, then you work abit, feel full of energy and do a really good job but still lose a bit of that recovery from sweden, then you go to another little holiday and recover even more, and then you are SUPERDUPER FIT AND MOTIVATED THE WHOLE AUTUMN!

Thats how i will sell it to demi tomorrow! And if he still doesn’t want to come, i go alone with filippa!


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