saturday snooze

Demian is in Engelberg and Filippa and I have a whole weekend to kill! Gah, i have to admit that i don’t always look forward to those days alone with her. the days can get sooo long and I am in big need of time for myself.

I normally text 2-3 people and ask if they wanna do something with us, but today they where all away on weddings etc. So filippa and I had a calm morning. She was playing, i tried to tidy up a bit and do things for myself, while she played but constantly also tried to get my attention and play. So frustrating, sometimes it feels as all i do is to try to get 30min for myself to do whatever i want to do. and thats not even lying down on the sofa reading a magazine, mostly i want 30min to fold laundry in quiet…ANYWAY, this has still gotten so much better than it was. she is playing really well by herself nowadays. We painted ourselves as cats, i am also a cat if someone is having trouble seeing what I look like.

afterwards we went down to the village to do some errands for STEIL IST GEIL. I took the buggy to be faster and not have to carry heavy things. My back and everything is so much better than it was a couple of weeks, such a relief! We came home and had lunch and afterwards Filippa was an hour infront of the TV so I could do some office. Afterwards we went up with the train to sunnegga and played in the water, or, she played and i was tanning and listening to a podcast!

we got home around 17 i think, and soon filippa got starving hungry so i made on of the quickest dishes I know. pasta with salmon and some veggies (today avocado and tomatoes), 4 minutes and then the kid is happy and quiet!

Filippa in bed a bit after 20 and then I did some more office before bedtime and reading a book 21.30. Pjuh, tomorrow is another day. then I have to find her a friend to play with, for my nerves sake!


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