when we found a dolphin

OMG, the sweden holiday didn’t turn out at all as we hoped. Filippa had a cold already on the plane and cried for 20 minutes when we were going to land. poor little thing. nothing helped, chewing gum, to yawn, to hold the nose and press, she tried everything! then she fell asleep as soon as we landed, but i couldn’t carry her with my belly. she was so good and woke up and walked out the plane by herself and luckily we found a buggy outside which she fell asleep in straight away.

the day after I felt a cold coming, and filippa as well. then i was sick the whole time, one day worse than the other and i even went to the doctor (the worst i ever met). i had to ask them to take my blood and to actually look in my ears and throat, or he wouldnt have done anything. since i am pregnant i didn’tget any medication, but i went and bought kortison spray anyway, it was to painful.

we had a few highlights still. i took filippa to the beach and forest a couple of times. we walked along the coast when i all of a sudden saw a dolphin (tumbler) who was stuck at the beach. since i was both pregnant, having a cold and had filippa with i tried to draw attentioion to the problem from other people but no one reacted, so i took my shoes of and tried to push it out by myself. the water was freezing but i felt i had to do something. a man came and helped after a while because the dolphin just returned to land the whole time. after a while there were quite many people trying to help the poor animal but it was sick and confused. Filippa and I left after a while when someone had finally called a vet or something. we later read in the newspaper that the dolphin was sick and had died on its way to the doctor. sad, but it was a really cool feeling to touch a living dolphin. it was much softer than i thought.



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