Nikolaus 2016

It was a very happy Filippa who woke up to Nikolaus Tag. At first we didn’t say anything, didn’t even put anything in the socks on the fireplace, but on tv they spoke about Nikolaus and then we decided to still give her something in the sock. Demian had bought her a dress in HM when he was there earlier this week and it was a perfect occasion. so we found some chocolate and mandarines and squeezed down the dress in the sock. a very happy filippa=)nikolaus is celebrated in the evening here in zermatt so the day was like any tuesday. Waldspielgruppe and then we baked. in the evening we were invited to family lehner and we ate cheese fondue, yummi! the kids were not nervous or anything, but when nikolaus knocked on the door and schmutzli came in, everyone got really scared, even the adults. filippa walked away as far as she could and then told me almost with tears in her eyes that she was scared. we stayed far away for a couple of seconds but after she dared to sit with demi on the sofa. jonas was very brave and went to nikolaus first, then olivia and last filippa. still with lots of respect, but not scared anymore. she spoke up and we all got really surprised…she is a real blablabla!

the good things that filippa has been doing last year is:

  1. she is soooooo kind and helpful towards me and the bump, holds my hand when it hurts in the ischias etc
  2. she walks very well


things she could improve is:

  1. try the food that we serve and not say that it is disgusting
  2. not interrupt when demian and i talk
  3. and go to toilet before bedtime

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