nobel and labor?

watching the nobel fest and slemproppen came about an hour ago, but i cant feel anything special else. maybe had a bit of backpain and nusea before….and have felt something different the last two days….

lets hope it starts tonight!!! Juhuui!

Today Filippa and I had a calm morning at home. i have very little patience at the moment and dont want to play with her train and do many of her pretend games…gah, i just want to take it easy and focus on me…selfish, i know…she is playing that she is a baby, and the baby talk makes me CRAZY! i guess it is all normal since she also feels that something is about to change. the only thing i really enjoy doing with her at the moment is craft and reading books. the dinosaur book is still one of her favourites.


when i went downstairs to get dressed and some “alonetime” the little naughty filippa had painted her whole face, arms and belly with tuschcolors. she was mighty proud and happy about being scary! There is a video, see below! So, straight in to the bath to get rid of it, and then paint the face again, but with face color. I hope she doesnt do it again, but instead ask to get the real color.

so it was a scary ghost/witch that came up to sunnegga to ski with dad!


i stayed for half an hour in wollipark and enjoyed the sun, and then went home to ret (clean the kitchen)….IMG_0046.jpg


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