Girls day

To be at home and wait for the baby to come is really boring, so filippa and i went up in the forest and walked to winkelmatten. It is very cool to hang out with my little girl, especially when we are outside and have all the time in the world. She talks like a radio and have so many thoughts about life and the world. She still thinks that she has a baby in her belly as well. She says i have a brother and she has a girl. I hope this will not be a problem once she realises that there is only one baby…

Sometimes i think of how her life will change soon, and she has no idea. Then i also realise that this is the greatest gift we can give her and in a couple of weeks she will not even remember that it was only the three of us before. Still i do worry how she will react. I hope well, and i think she will be very happy and proud:)

After playground and bus ride we had to warm ourselves with a cozy lunch in petit. Filippa was a bit tired and cuddled in the sofa. After, we went ice skating and to the playground where she almost fell asleep on my lap. Hope she isnt sick! 


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