Lilou Elsa Franzen

time flies and today our little Lilou turns two weeks! So much has happened in these two weeks and i will not be able to write it all now. It has been tough two weeks with lots of pain and illness, but of course also much joy and nice moments.

I will not write about birth this time, more about what Lilou and our life together is like so far. She sleeps ALOT and is very easy and satisfied. Since i don’t breastfeed we know exactly how much she drinks, and that she gets enough of food. This takes lots of stress away from me and you can almost see how she is growing. We also realise that filippa was probably very hungry the first month of her life, since we dont remember that she slept at all this much. I am so happy i decided to go for bottle straight away!

Another difference is of course that filippa is around, taking lots of attention and time. Another reason why i am so happy lilou just sleeps. I can do lots of things with filippa, even if i still have lots of house hold things to do. Filippa is very caring and proud of her sister, but doesnt really want to hold or feed her. she think she is heavy and smell bad from the mouth=) haha! she also wants my attention and wants to play and cuddle. kom å mys med mej mamma, mamma vill du leka me mej? Mamma, Mamma, MAMMA!!! Gah, defeinitely gets a bit stressful at times. and i am not very strong with stress at the moment. the first night in hospital was very cute with filippa and lilou. filippa really took the mamma role and fed, comforted and changed diapers. it was her baby! she stayed awake until 11am and got up with us at 4 again to feed lilou. now she can be a bit to hard handed with her, but mostly she is very caring. we also didnt get the best start since we all got sick with flu and mage darm when we got back from hospital, so filippa and lilou couldnt cuddle like filippa wanted. lots of NO, no kisses filippa, wash your hands, oh, cover your moth when coughing!!! GAH!

My hormones have been pretty stable, but a few breakdowns have i had. normal, but doesnt make them easier. All sickness has really not helped, and then i got mjölkstockning on the 26th.


Here our first two weeks:

20th: Lilou born 20.42
21st: Demian and Filippa arrives in Hospital 18.00
22nd: Demi and Filippa leaves around 11, Lilou and I stay
23rd: Demi picks us up around 16 and we go to Simplon Center to buy the last xmas presents, come home 19.00 to a sick Filippa, 39degrees fever with runny nose and eyes
24th: Bad night sleeping apart, demian wakes up to mage darm, filippa fever and sick. at night we celebrate xmas with felix and nina, chaos, filippa and lilou awake and crying
25th: I wake up and throw up, demian good, filippa still sick. mum and dad arrives in the afternoon, sleeps in schönegg
26th: my breasts starts to hurt and gets harder and harder. the nurse comes in the evening with quark and tea…HA HA HA! I wake up at night and it just gets worse
27th: i go to Mette to get pills for my breasts, helps straight away
28th: we celebrate our second xmas with mum, dad, ruth, nina and felix. i am crying because filippa is so angry and weird, probably a mix of her being sick and the changes in the family. it feels as if my eyes are full of tears just ready to fly out for smallest little matter.
29th: still emotional but better. feel my throat getting soar. have pain in my ears and throat that evening.
30th: mum is sick, mage darm…
31st: going ice skating with filippa alone, quality time, very good for both of us. deadly tired that evening.HAPPY NEW YEAR, a really cozy evening with happy and excited filippa.
1st: was supposed to go skiing but i don’t feel well enough. demian and i get a morning in the village for ourselves, very nice! mum and dad takes filippa for lunch at zum see
2nd: Filippa goes to marzipan, mum and dad takes lilou for a walk and then leave for the airport at lunchtime. i pick up filippa at 14 and we go ice skating and to the playground.
3rd(today): morning alone with both girls, filippa in front of the tv and i finally have time to catch up with friends over facetime. ruth gets filippa after lunch!






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