Sick Sunday

Gah,it feels like we have been sick since we came home from hospital…always someone being sick. Lilou is finally well again after about three weeks of eye inflammation, so she is well. But yesterday both demi and I had fever in the evening and it felt so hopeless. the worst thing is when both demi and I are sick at the same time, what are the odds?

today has also been survival mode. we have been taking turns in sleeping/watching the kids. Filippa went skiing with opa for 2 hours which was really helpful. then we watched Lion King and filippa told me more than once “mum, don’t cry”. 20 years after i first saw that movie i still get tears in my eyes when mufasa dies and when he talks to simba from the clouds. haha….

now demi had to go to the village, so he brought filippa for another session of fresh air. at the moment i find it difficult with all the sugar that filippa wants and gets from everywhere. everyone wants to give small children sweets and filippa even goes in to the bank and ask if they have chocolate. NOT OK! so at the moment i am taking my responsibility and try to get rid of all sweets and cakes in our home (some of it i am eating myself, hehe) and i will also start to tell her friends parents that she is not allowed to eat so much sweets. I think it is terrible how much sweets parents seem to give their kids. we say no alot, but it is difficult when we have things at home.

Lilou is sleeping on the balcony now. she has had problems finding the sleep all day so i guess she is tired. hopefully the fresh air helps. I feel alot better now than i did this morning, hopefully yesterdays fever was it! and i hope i can get a few days now to get a real strong immune system. two days ago i felt well enough after my ear/throat pain last week, so i went to the gym to do some shoulder and hamstring exercises. I really believe that i have to strengthen my hamstring to get rid of the ischias. Now i have muscle soreness from hell and it hurts so bad each time i sit down on a chair. I thought that the muscle soreness was the reason fo me feeling sick yesterday during the day, but it turned out to be real illness…



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