Morning glory 

Gah, today filippa asked for her “SCHMINK” (make up) and i had to secretly get it from where i had hid it…the super uncle felix gave my 3 year old daughter make up for christmas (probably just to see my reaction) (and my reaction i hid very well just to tease him)…

i am trying to teach my daughter that she is beautiful just like she is and she can already answer her own question “am i nice/beautiful?” (which hurts me every time she asks it) with what i always tell her “you are always nice/beautiful, no matter if you have pyjamas, pants, skirt, dress, shorts or naked”…

she thinks she is beautiful when she has a dress on…crazy how a three year old can be so marked by society…but not weird when she gets so much positive feedback when she wears dresses…

so this morning we put make up on ourselves, but straight after she asked to wash it off…and then we went out and played in the snow instead=) and the make up is again hidden, until next time she asks…


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