Flat head and the return of the nukki

we are a bit lazy putting Lilou on her stomach to train her neck muscles. i think filippa could lift her head alot better at this age.but it is so painful to see her struggle, the head is SO BIG and heavy. well, this has lead to that she has quite a flat head…so now i think we better start or she will have a weird head and brain…from now on she will be on the side when she sleeps during the day. i remember that filippa was flat on one side, because she alwyas slept on the left i think…

and filippa is full back on having a nukki. sometimes she forgets it, but mostly it is in her mouth. her friends tell her she is a baby, which of course makes her sad, but it doesnt stop her from using it. demi and I think it is sooooo hard and frustrating that she started again, but a well known kids psychologist in sweden says that if they need to feel small we should just let them. in the beginning we were also saying things like “only babies use nukki” etc. but at least i stopped, it is almost like bullying…terrible!

now i try to treat her a bit more like a small girl, hugging her alot and talking about what it was like when she was a baby like lilou. hopefully she will soon realise that being big is much more fun than being small…

mostly filippa is doing really well considering the big change in our life, but as lilou grows bigger she also gets more attention from us (talking to her with funny faces, cuddeling, getting her dressed etc.)…i guess thats what filippa sees now, and thats what she also wants…for example she wants me to talk when we get dressed: “wheeeere is filippas arm?”, and “heeere is a little sock for filippas foot”…thats how you talk to a baby, but not to a 4 year old, they can normally do all that by themselves….

so sometimes we have two babies at home now…but thats fine…


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