the new generation of girls

This picture makes me happy for so many reasons! it is filippa with some of her girl friends…they look so genuine happy and as if they really like eachother! you see so much energy in their eyes, and I know all these girls are STRONG, both mentally and physically. I hope it stays that way. I hear people talk (in swedish podcasts etc.) about the new generations of girls, the girls that are teenagers today. the generations that grow up in a more (i say more, there is still a looong way to go) equal world. these girls who really learn that they are just as strong and valuable as boys. the girls that will believe that they can also become president/prime minister/queen/CEO/LEADERS etc. And i hope that my girls and those girls on the picture will be able to be president/prime minister/LEADER in a womans way, and not necessarily lead as men do. that “female” abilities will be something good and not seen as weakness…i am SURE that the world will become a better place if more women are in leading positions and are allowed to do things their way!

when i hear about the new generations of girls i feel true hope for this world! i hope my girls will also follow that stream and not get scared of all TRUMPS and idiots in this world…


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