Lilou two months

Today Lilou is TWO MONTHS! now the fun starts…the first 6 weeks are not my favourite, all hormones, new roles for everybody in the family, A BIG CHANGE, nothing is like it used to be, the baby is just lying there, doesnt look at you, doesnt smile or show any “appreciation” for all care you provide…there are no routines and you have no idea why they scream sometimes.

But NOW, two months, smile when you talk to them, look at you when you move in the room, recognise your voice, slowly comes in to a routine being awake at the same times and sleep at the same time. they have less pain in the stomach, tries to talk and make sounds, is stronger so you don’t have to be so bloody careful (which also means filippa can “play and cuddle” more!) and all bad hormones are gone.

typical lilou:

  • she often sounds like the elephantdie-sendung-mit-der-maus-324~_v-standard644_c9c287.jpg
  • she rubs her eyes and nose when she is tired
  • she poos every second day and 9 of 10 times it is while eating

a day looks like this in Lilous world:

wakes up around 7ish and then demi takes her with upstairs, or i take her over in our bed to try to make her sleep more.

first bottle between 8-9 and then she is awake the whole morning. if we go out she often falls asleep in the buggy and sleeps until next bottle

13-14 next bottle and normally she sleeps the whole afternoon

18.00 evening bottle and afterwards she is awake, sometimes a bit worried, crying in the evening. one of us normally cuddle her all evening..

demian takes the last bottle (as late as possible) before he goes to bed. i often crash before 22.

she sleeps all night (hope i don’t jinx it now)

between 03.30 and 05.30 lilou wakes up for a night meal and then continues to sleep


I more often feel genuine happy (you know the bubbly feeling that all of a sudden just flush over you after training or a strong coffee). I am happy that Lilou came to us, even if “we didn’t plan” her…she was meant to be! I slowly feel a stronger connection to her, that I miss her when i am away from her. it sounds brutal that i don’t miss my child when i don’t see her…but it was exactly the same with filippa. I didn’t have “love at first sight” with any of my babies. the feeling of that you want to protect them came right after birth, but i need many weeks to fall in love with my babies. it takes time to get to know them and get to know your new self. Filippa I nowadays miss as soon as i am not with her, i could take her along any time (EVEN IF I SWEAR ABOUT IT LATER), just to be with her. That is just like being in love when you are grown up. you wanna be together the whole time. Soon i will feel the same with Lilou…


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