Our little sunshine! Such a happy and easy baby! Sleeps all night and is almost always happy and calm! 

She loves to talk, looks where we are and follows us as we move around her. Hates when its all quiet around her, so have to put radio on if i wanna do something in the cellar when she is upstairs. 

But she is not a baby who can sleep through everything, she wakes up if you move or touch her, or if there is a sudden sound! 

Around 19.30-20 we put her down in our bedroom to sleep, then she wants it to be dark and quiet. Sometimes she misses me when i give massage and cries with pappa and opa. Then we put her in the buggy on the balcony:) 

In a month time we start with a little normal food, she looks with big eyes when we eat:)

Lilou like to be in the babygym and tries to grab the toys! She also discovered her hands and look at them with big concentration! 


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