Lilou four months old

Time flies and lilou is getting bigger and bigger. we see her personality more and more and she seems to be a very satisfied and happy baby. There is not much similarity to me anymore, now she is also looking alot more like demian. mixed feelings about that.

she has shown lots of interest in normal food, so we have slowly started to let her taste our food. rice, avocado, pumpkin smoothie and some fruit. she loves it and is very good at eating. She still sleeps very well at night, but we still have to give her a bottle once almost every night, mostly around 5ish. she doesnt sleep as often with her hands up, but she likes to cover her eyes with her rabbit when she falls asleep.

around 7.30 wake up, but mostly its filippa waking up then…we go up and lilou is in the gym or in her stool. she is mostly awake and happy for about an hour, then she takes a 45min nap. afterwards she comes with doing household, or we go out. if we go out she falls asleep in the pram and can sleep 2-3hours. she still eats every 4-5hours. if i am working she is sleeping outside the gym, or shes on the mat inside, happy! she can be quite loud, has discovered her voice and we call her little tarzan. she can lie around screaming for 15-20min, just being happy. lately she is turning halfway if we put toys a bit further away, trying to reach them. mostly she is awake from 4 o’clock and around 7.30 she is tired and then we can put her down in her own bed and she falls asleep quite quick. then she sleeps until next morning, except the two bottles, around 10pm and 5am, sometimes until 7.


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