The honest 4 year old

I remember reading somewhere that 4 year olds are very honest and wants things to be correct. i think we got that very well proven the other evening.

in greece its not allowed to put ANYTHING in the toilet, not even paper when you had a shit, which is really awkward and easily forgotten. I had explained this to filippa and told her the pipes are to small and if you put paper in the toilet the pipes will get blocked and water/pee/poo will flood out on the floor. she watched me with big eyes and took this very seriously!

we had come home after dinner, it was maybe 8.30 at night and we were putting the kids to bed. filippa had to go to toilet and went by herself. all of a sudden she comes screaming and crying from the toilet. with panic in her voice she says:

– there is paper in the toilet, I FORGOT!!! we have to take it up!!! she repeats this over and over again, crying and panicking …

i try to calm her down and tell her its no problem, once is ok, it will not flood. she pulls me to the toilet and yes, there is poo and paper in the toilet…i tell her we can flush

-NO, she screams with more panic! I realise that this will traumatise her forever if i just flush…

-what can we do? i ask her

-we have to take it out, we need my shuffle! now she is not in panic anymore.

demian gets her sand shuffle on the balcony, and while i open the bin next to the toilet she takes out the paper with her schuffle, talkig calm to herself. but the paper gets destroyed in the water and i want to scream out loud as i see her put her hand down (the big brown sausage still in the toilet) and fishes every single small piece of paper out of the toilet. OMG!!! Finally i am allowed to flush, and then i wash her whole arm with soap 3 times! MY SWEET AND BRAVE GIRL, even if it was disgusting, i love you for this!



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