Lilou five months

IMG_2006Such a happy spirit, our little lilou! Wakes up with a smile and stretches her arms towards us, tries to grab our hair or face! She is still the easiest kid and during the greece holiday she has often slept 10hours without food, heaven!
Sometimes she sleeps alot during the day, and sometimes she doesnt sleep much at all. Sometimes she eats without end, sometimes she just starts to play and do bubbles all of a sudden. But she loves real food and gets to try as much as possible. When we get back from greece we will try to make our own pure for her, sofar she got hipp! 

Lilou still show that she is tired with having her hands in her eyes, she covers them as if she wants it dark! Very cute! She has also found her feet and can entertain herself for maaany minutes:) she still doesnt understand the meaning of lying on the belly, thinks it sucks and gets frustrated quite quick! 

Hands are often in the mouth, i hope its not teeth already. Anyway, really cool age. I enjoy her so much!


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