I am ready! 

the four year control is getting closer and i had been thinking a bit about how to do this with the vaccination best. filippa is not a fan of giving blood at the doctors (who is?) so i feared a drama with injection. i would never force her to take an injection (unless she was deadly sick) so the other day i told her what was coming up.

– Both you and Lilou has to get an injection at the doctors so that you will not get sick. do you wanna do it with lilou that day, or do you wanna choose another day and do it here in zermatt, with mette? you can tell me when you are ready and then we go and do it! she wanted to do it with lilou…

but today she all of a sudden said she wanted to do it with mette, so we went straight away. nora was there, it probably helped. she wanted to do it in the thigh, not bum as i adviced! she sat and held my hand and mette told her to look at me and bam, it was over. i saw in her little eyes that it hurted but she swallowed and didn’t have time to react with tears. i wanted to tell her you can cry, but i didn’t have time before she was up and talking, still a bit in chock though. such a brave girl!

then we went and bought ice cream! i am so relieved and happy she made it her decision!


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