Lilou 7months

Not a baby anymore! This little girl shows her beautiful personality more and more! Now we cant eat without giving her something at the same time. She gets lots of roggen knäckebrot, fruit and smoothies. We are still bad with giving her veggies, most meals are still bottle. Have to improve that! 

She sits very well and hardly ever fall ove. Still entertain herself and think anything is interesting to taste and investigate! 

Her first tooth popped out on july 17th! So cool! We didn’t notice that she was in pain at all, pjuh! 

She doesn’t show any signs of soon being able to crawl. She rolls over the floor to get to places and turns around like a clock when she lies on the belly! Once she grabbed what she wants ahe rolls over on the back and start to play and investigate! 
Filippa can still drive me mad when she plays to roughly with her and she definitely test limits! Lilou is getting alot better at screaming and telling when she doesn’t want more! 


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